Roscoff's pink oinion

The onion of Roscoff is a "rustic" said onion, with a copper-colloured color, the internal scales are white but their border is pink !
It does not burn eyes, it is very sweet and can be consumed by people who cannot approach a "traditional" onion.
An A.O.C. (Controlled Origin Label) is to be obtained, what will allow to promote its quality, especially in front of current international competitors.

The video shows Mister Keriven, a old " johnnie ", which continues to braid and to sell, at its pace, the pink onion of Roscoff.
Comments concern more the conversation which we had begun before the plaiting of the onion, but it is as it that we lived it.

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1. d'herbais (site web) 15/12/2010

merci . Je ne connaissais pas cette video de mon ami.

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